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Programmer, too

September 9, 2006 am30 12:46 am

In NYC high schools, programming means scheduling students.  I am the programmer in my school, which means this week I was consumed by fixing errors in kids’ schedules, balancing class size, and that sort of tedious, detailed, fun stuff.

Sorry for the posting hiatus.  I am finishing adjustments this weekend, and will be back.

Question:  I have mixed feelings about being Chapter Leader and Program Chair.  On the one hand, the latter job puts me in the position sometimes to guarantee fairness.  On the other, that job is also semi-administrative, and sometimes my union instincts and my programming instincts differ.

(To the extent possible, I ask my union committee to field program complaints).

What do you think?

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  1. September 9, 2006 am30 12:53 am 12:53 am

    It’s always good to get feedback. However, you are the most experienced in both areas and you should make the final decision.


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