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Carnival of Mathematics 60 up at Σdiot

December 10, 2009 am31 9:03 am

I should really be writing about school closings. Bloomberg and his Chancellor, busy disrupting the system, have announced 20 school closings (4+4+9+7+3≠22, unless I missed a few). But

  • the list is now complete (according to multiple rumors, which makes it seem that someone in the DoE is talking, privately)
  • we need to start helping schools to organize, and to start organizing solidarity from other schools
  • I don’t know how the demonstration at Maxwell went yesterday afternoon
  • I got sick, and need a day or so to catch my breath

So, today, vanilla math blog post – a link to the newest carnival.

But it’s not vanilla. Carnival of Mathematics #60, dedicated to its massively abundant factors, is light, punchy, quick. It’s worth going just to read about the number 60.

The host is Σdiot. For those of you less math-inclined, that first letter Σ is a capital Greek sigma, which mathematicians use to mean “sum” (as in, add up this group of numbers, your answer is the sum). So we read that as Sum Idiot (and in fact his url is sumidiot: ). So math folks chuckle at “sum” and “some” sounding the same… You’ll just have to trust me, it was funny when I read it…)

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