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February 12, 2007 am28 7:14 am

I have been trying to post once a day, but I have hit a small backlog. I will try, in the next 10 days, to

  • post the three salary items that readers submitted,
  • finish a long overdue post on the UFT Negotiating Committee (on the occasion of our celebratory party),
  • plug the next carnival of education (since I submitted something),
  • write a quick piece on last Wednesday’s Delegate Assembly,
  • post a new puzzle (this one’s a doozy – all number properties, with logic), and another,
  • offer a jd3100 –> jd2718 limited progress report,
  • update on at least one of my classes,
  • recognize my half dozen new links,
  • update on the UFT elections, and why our support for New Action matters,
  • debunk some of the Board of Ed small school lies (since they just rehashed the last batch, and came up with some new ones)
  • point to more details on reorganization, and comment on the UFT response so far
  • and come up with at least one vacation post.

And of course, in between, other things will come up that I blog instead. But I do mean well. ( :

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