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Protest at Fordham Leadership Academy

September 13, 2010 pm30 10:03 pm

It’s time to say something. The problem has been there for years. Just last June, the Daily News reported, but nothing’s been done.

Fordham Leadership Academy has a problem – Principal, Richard Bost
Fordham Leadership Academy has another problem – Tweed protects Bost

Informational Picket /Thursday, September 16 / 3:45 – 4:45 / Fordham Leadership Academy for Business and Technology / 500 E Fordham Road /  the Bronx (former Theodore Roosevelt building)

  • Principal Richard Bost has created an unpleasant work environment
  • Accused of mishandling funds, but rumored to have received just a letter to file (a mere slap on the wrist)
  • Multiple accusations of sexual harassment, unwanted touching, and worse- extending over several years, and continuing to today
  • Accusations that staff who refused his advances have faced retaliation – undesirable assignments, lost programs, disciplinary action, and derogatory ratings
  • The Office of Equal Opportunity found that he had engaged in sexual harassment.
  • After the OEO finding, Bost was removed, BUT TWEED PUT HIM BACK

Support Fordham Leadership Academy Staff!

Hands off our staff and teachers!

Remove Bost from supervising anyone!

Informational Picket
Thursday, September 163:45 – 4:45
In front of Fordham Leadership Academy for Business and Technology
500 E Fordham Road, the Bronx (former Theodore Roosevelt building)

Stop by, even for ten minutes
show Klein we are watching  —  show staff that we support them

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  1. Fed Up permalink
    September 14, 2010 am30 6:24 am 6:24 am

    Please come out on a day when we can speak up. Too many entities don’t take this monster to be enough of a threat. When people share what has happened and continues to happen to people outside DOE and UFT, they are shocked that this principal stays on while his damages increase in numbers. The school is suffering, the students are in a toxic environment, and staffers are caught in a twilight zone.

  2. September 15, 2010 pm30 8:47 pm 8:47 pm

    The principal, Bost, was disciplined in one financial matter, and had an OEO finding against him for sexual harassment. That’s the City, not teachers, nailing this guy.

    You write a lot, but ignore the villain – Klein. Why did he send Bost back into a school after the OEO finding?

  3. September 15, 2010 pm30 9:40 pm 9:40 pm

    There is an Office of Equal Opportunity finding against him, for sexual harassment.

    And none of your word games, and none of your blaming the victims can get past that..

    He was disciplined by the Department of Education for financial improprieties.

    Bost’s record speaks for itself: he should not be running a school; he should not be supervising female employees.


  1. Bronx principal sexually harrasses teachers. Klein says, “So what?” « Fred Klonsky's blog

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